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    Just bought my first box, got headphones)

    Sanya Maslennikov 4 hours ago

    quite a nice website

    Maks Loshkarev 4 hours ago

    Great site

    Alytaf Ahmetshin 3 hours ago

    Lots of cool things

    Gasirbek Nurbaev 3 hours ago

    Super honest and great prizes.

    Artem Kolishkin 2 hours ago

    Top site, even the ones with no money can open a free box with a promo code

    Dima Tsibulynik 2 hours ago

    The best way to get things cheaper than they are.

    Maksim Kustov 2 hours ago

    well, for now I only open free boxes, they're ok

    Yaroslav Yaroshtuk an hour ago

    just unreal

    Danya Markin 49 minutes ago

    Won ps4 and got it in 15 days, I'm happy

    Denis Maksimov 27 minutes ago
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    How it works?

    №1. Which countries do we ship to?

    We deliver worldwide! We deliver to the post office nearest to you.

    №2. Can I sell unwanted item back to the website?

    Yes. Go to the “Purchase History” section and click the "Sell" button for the desired goods. The money will be refunded immediately to your balance on the website and you can continue to open the boxes.

    №3. How much does the delivery cost?

    Delivery costs about 2$. Delivery is paid when ordering a parcel from your balance on the site.

    №4. How many days should I wait for the delivery?

    We deliver parcels within 60 days.

    №5. How to track the parcel?

    After sending a parcel with your goods, a track code will appear in your personal account in the "My Parcels" section, by which you can track your parcel at any time. We recommend to track your package.

    №6. How do I know that the package has arrived?

    When the package arrives at your post office, you will receive an SMS notification on your mobile phone.

    №7. What are the guarantees that the package will arrive?

    We guarantee delivery of the parcel, or refund.

    №8. Do I have to pay for the item I won?

    No, you do not need to pay for the item you won. You pay only the cost of delivery (it is about 2$).

    №9. Where can I see my box winnings?

    You can view the winnings from the boxes in your personal account in the "Inventory" section. Here you can also sell goods or order delivery.